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Welcome to TRAUMA.ORG's trauma moulage scenarios. A moulage is a practice scenario, where you have a patient to assess and manage appropriately. These moulages were the first on the internet and more are planned for the future. The moulages require you to be using Netscape Navigator 2.0+, Internet Explorer 3.01+ or another internet browser that supports frames. Make sure Javascript is enabled. Though they should work in most screen modes, they are optimised for 800x600 with font size set to small. We hope you enjoy the simulators, and will let us know of any problems or suggestions.

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Initial Assessment
The first moulage on the Internet!: In this moulage you are an emergency room doctor and must assess and adequately treat an injured patient. You have an assistant to help you, but they can be of variable help, as in real life. Remember the basic principles of trauma resuscitation and you won't go far wrong.

Prehospital Care
Having finished with the last patient, you head up to the helipad to escape from the ER for a while. Things never go as planned however and 5 minutes later you are on a motorway 15 miles away. This is a prehospital scenario, but the principles of trauma management still hold, perhaps more so. You have an experienced paramedic to help you, and all the kit you might need.

Cervical Spine Clearance
Suddenly and inexplicably transferred to the spinal service, you have to assess and evaluate six patients with potential cervical spine injuries.

Paediatric Moulage
Transferred back to the ER after generating too much work for the hospital's lawyers on the spinal service, you have to manage a child injured in a motor vehicle accident. The child's parameters and response to your treatment will change with each run through - and you'll get a full appraisal of your performance at the end of the moulage.

Neurotrauma Moulage
The Neurotrauma Moulage demonstrates the principles behind the care of the head injured patient. Using a mathematical model to approximate brain neurophysiology it is able to simulate a wide range of conditions that affect brain injury management, both in hte emergency room and on intensive care

Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios
Multiple short scenarios where you, as team leader, have to tread the path of the enlightened trauma doc.