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Recent Additions / Changes

December 2004 (9:12)

Recombinant Factor VIIa (NovoSeven) for Traumatic Coagulopathy
A review of the current evidence & recommendations for the use of recombinant Factor VIIa (NovoSeven) in traumatic coagulopathy.

November 2004 (9:11)

VOMIT syndrome
The trauma-list presents and reviews cases of VOMIT.

October 2004 (9:10)

Evaluating Penetrating Abdominal Trauma
A sensible framework for evaluating penetrating abdominalo trauma

September 2004 (9:9)

Thoracic Trauma
Major update to the thoracic trauma section

Evaluation of Thoracic Trauma
Major update to the thoracic trauma section

April 2004 (9:4)

Blunt Aortic Injury: Fundamentals of Trauma Care Series
Initial diagnosis & management of traumatic aortic injury

An Incompleat History of Trauma
The history of aortic trauma & the abdominal compartment syndrome.

March 2004 (9:3)

Trauma Appointments
New positions available around the world

Conferences & Courses
More conference and course announcements for 2004

February 2004 (9:2)

Fundamentals of Trauma Care: Thoracic Trauma
Trauma.Org goes back to basics with a new 'fundamentals of trauma care' series.
This set of articles discusses inital evaluation of thoracic trauma, pneumothorax (simple & tension), haemothorax, pulmonary contusion, rib fractures, flail chest & chest drain insertion.

January 2004 (9:1)

An Incompleat History of Trauma
The start of a new project to catalogue trauma care through the ages.

December 2003 (8:12)

November 2003 (8:11)

October 2003 (8:10)

September 2003 (8:9)

August 2003 (8:8)

July 2003 (8:7)

Injury to the Colon & Rectum
Diagnosis and management of colorectal injuries

Penetrating Abdominal Trauma
Guidelines updated

Online Donation Facility
Support Trauma.Org and our trauma education activities with a small donation.

BTS2003 Online registration
Register for the 2003 meeting and pre-meeting courses

Trauma Appointments
Jobs in Ohio & Melbourne

Trauma Fellowships
New Trauma Surgery fellowships in Canada and the US

June 2003 (8:6)

Trauma Images
Large imagebank update in many sections

Conferences & Courses
New conference and course announcements for 2003

May 2003 (8:5)

April 2003 (8:4)

Student Elective Database
Medical student elective database updated

March 2003 (8:3)

Trauma Images
Large imagebank update in many sections

Trauma fellowships
New Critical Care fellowships

February 2003 (8:2)

Tension Haemothorax
Classic Cases

Tension Gastrothorax
Classic cases

Needle Thoracostomy
The trauma-list is not convinced!

January 2003 (8:1)

Trauma Fellowships
New fellowships in Canberra & Liverpool hospitals, Australia

December 2002 (7:12)

November 2002 (7:11)

Imagebank Update
Many images added to all sections

October 2002 (7:10)

Permissive Hypotension
Trauma List Archived Discussion
Bibliography & Reference List

Imagebank Update
Many images added to all sections

September 2002 (7:9)

Classic Cases
Angiographic Coiling for Pelvic Haemorrhage
Aortocaval Fistula following Stab Injury

Interactive Trauma
New Trauma Team Leader Scenarios

August 2002 (7:8)

New trauma appointments

Student Elective Database
New elective opportunities

July 2002 (7:7)

British Trauma Society 2002 Annual Meeting
Preliminary programme & Registration

June 2002 (7:6)

Penetrating Neck Injury
Evaluation and diagnosis of penetrating neck trauma

May 2002 (7:5)

April 2002 (7:4)

Spinal Trauma
New Updated Guidelines

Medical Student Elective Database additions

March 2002 (7:3)


Peripheral Vascular Trauma
An introduction to the pathophysiology, assessment and management of peripheral vascular injuries.

Classic Cases
Popliteal artery transection following blunt knee injury

Trauma Imagebank
New collection of vascular trauma images

British Trauma Society
Web site update including preliminary details of 2002 annual meeting.

February 2002 (7:2)

Classic Cases
Elastic nailing of paediatric forearm fractures.

Conferences & Courses
Large international conference listings update.

January 2002 (7:1)

Classic Cases
A new repository for classic trauma cases. A new education tool for the trauma community.

Trauma Imagebank
Large update to many imagebank sections

December 2001 (6:12)

Ultrasound in Trauma
The Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) examination and thoracic ultrasonography.
Application, indications and limitations of FAST. Includes demonstration videos of all standard views.

Trauma director position

Definitive Surgical Trauma Course
Course calendar updated

November 2001 (6:11)

Trauma Imagebank
Large update to many imagebank sections

October 2001 (6:10)

Neurotrauma Moulage
Our new traumatic brain injury moulage demonstrates the physiological effects of injury,
the acute management of head trauma and the application and use of intensive care neuromonitoring.
Includes a neurophysiology simulator

Trauma Imagebank
Large update to many imagebank sections

September 2001 (6:9)

New & Updated Trauma Fellowships

Medical Student Elective Database additions

August 2001 (6:8)

ATLS-UK mailing list
A new initiative with the Royal College of Surgeons of England to allow instant access to the
ATLS instructor body for ATLS directors and coordinators. (Private, closed list)

July 2001 (6:7)

Trauma Imagebank
Large update to many imagebank sections

June 2001 (6:6)

Emergency Department Thoracotomy
The who, why, when and how of ED thoracotomy

Trauma Imagebank
Abdomen & Pelvis additions to the imagebank

New & Updated Trauma Fellowships

Australasian Trauma Society
New executive committee details

May 2001 (6:5)

British Trauma Society
Web site update and 2001 annual meeting information

New & Updated Trauma Fellowships

April 2001 (6:4)

Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios
10 new scenarios added.

Medical Student Elective Database
A new initiative to provide an information database for medical students around the world to locate electives in trauma and critical care.

Trauma Fellowship Database
New fellowships added for the University of Cincinnati

Australasian Trauma Society
2001 meeting synopsis

February 2001 (6:2)

Definitive Surgical Trauma Course
New wounds and general scenes sections added to imagebank
New trauma fellowships

January 2001 (6:1)

Sitewide redesign
Links checked and updated

December 2000 (5:12)

Trauma-list discussion group & mailing list

New archived discussions

Trauma Imagebank
Abdominal trauma sections updated

November 2000 (5:11)

Pelvic Trauma Symposium - Exsanguinating Pelvic Trauma

Trauma Fellowship Database:

Australasian Trauma Society

October 2000 (5:10)

AAST / OTA Symposium details

September 2000 (5:9)

Trauma Nursing:
Wound management

Trauma Imagebank:
Continuing updates

August 2000 (5:8)

International Trauma Anesthesia & Critical Care Society
   The world-renowned organisation's new web site hosted at

Trauma Nursing
   Witnessed Resuscitation - can the relatives be present
   International Journal of Trauma Nursing - introduction by the editor, Judith Halpern

Trauma Imagebank
   over 50 images added

British Trauma Society
   Annual Meeting programme details and registration information

July 2000 (5:7)

Usual housekeeping
Conferences, courses, links updated

June 2000 (5:6)

Trauma Resuscitation
Damage Control Surgery - an Overview

Vascular trauma section launches
Two new case presentations:
   Nonoperative management of thoracic vascular injury
   Vertebral artery injury after cervical spine fracture

Trauma Imagebank
   Vascular trauma
   Disaster images - starting with the Turkish Earthquake (in prehospital care)

May 2000 (5:5)

Trauma Imagebank Update
New cardiac, spine & spleen sections.
Lots of images from Orthopod discussions added

Usual Housekeeping stuff

April 2000 (5:4)

Trauma-list meeting at EATES 2000 in Pisa, Italy
Traumainfo-List launches for the discussion of Trauma Informatics
Australasian Trauma Society Trauma-talk newsletter online
Australasian Trauma Society 2001 meeting preliminary details
British Trauma Society Call for Abstracts
More Conferences
More Appointments

March 2000 (5:3)

Trauma Fellowships

February 2000 (5:2)

Injury Control / Trauma Nursing      Accident Prevention


     New Trauma Search Facility

Trauma Fellowships

January 2000 (5:1)
(Yup, we've gone all official with a volume number!)

Traumatic Brain Injury Special

     Acute management of TBI
     Glasgow Coma Score
     Cerebral perfusion pressure
     Intracranial pressure
     Control of intracranial pressure
     Radiology of TBI

Trauma Fellowship Database

      New & Updated Fellowships


      Trauma Fellow, Liverpool Hospital, Sydney
      EMService Agency Specialist, San Francisco


December 1999 A bit of consolidation, introspection and future perceiving...

November 1999 Prehospital Care

October 1999 Trauma Nursing Section Australasian Trauma Society 1999 meeting details Jobs: Trauma Nurse Coordinator And a whole site re-design! September 1999

Firearms and Gun Control
Including the great trauma-list debate

August 1999
Australasian Trauma Society web site joins TRAUMA.ORG

New, improved trauma mailing list with digest option.

Trauma Imagebank
Full AO Classification of Long Bone Fractures

Trauma/General Surgery Position at Penn State Geisinger Health System

May 1999
Paediatric Moulage
The most complex moulage yet! The child's parameters and clinical course change with each run through, and full feedback is given at the end of the moulage on how well you did and areas for improvement

Trauma Imagebank
New categories: Liver & Femur

April 1999
Penetrating Abdominal Trauma: Evaluation Guidelines

Trauma Imagebank
A new repository for trauma images on the internet. Description & poster presentations.
The Imagebank uses Dynamic HTML and therefore requires you to be using a version 4+ browser.
New categories: Renal, Pelvis & Acetabulum

TPN in the Critically Ill
Meta-Analysis Corner

January 1999
British Trauma Society web pages hosted at TRAUMA.ORG

December 1998
Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios
A training/discussion tool for critical pathways in trauma management. First 10 scenarios.
Injury Prevention Resources
Updated list of injury prevention resources on the internet
Trauma Fellowship Database
5 new fellowships added to the database
Trauma Appointments
Surgical Trauma Fellowship at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

October 1998
Meta-Analysis Corner
Current overviews of critical care medicine topics mirrored from the London Health Science Center, Ontario, Canada
Colloid vs Crystalloid controversy & Human Albumin administration in critically ill patients.

September 1998
Injury Severity Score & ISS calculator
Abbreviated Injury Scale
Trauma Score - Injury Severity Score & TRISS Calculator

August 1998
Global Trauma Fellowship Database

July 1998
Mailing List Archives Updated
EAST Practice Guidelines

June 1998
ETCC - Extremity Trauma

May 1998
Moulage Four - Cervical Spine Moulage

April 1998
European Trauma Care Course - Spinal Injury section updated.
Trauma Appointments - for job and fellowship postings
Organ Injury Scales updated

March 1998
Trauma Anaesthesia
from University of Miami Department of Anesthesiology
Thoracic Trauma Radiology
Blunt Thoracic Trauma

February 1998
Trauma Search Facility
Trauma Internet Guide
European Trauma Care Course - Introduction by Professor E. Cavina
European Trauma Care Course - Pelvic Trauma Chapter added

January 1998
European Course in Trauma Care
Revised Trauma Score calculator

November 1997
Renal Trauma

July 1997
Protocol for Evaluation of the Cervical Spine
Plain Film Radiology of the Cervical Spine
Interpreting the Lateral Cervical Spine X-Ray
Vascular Radiology
Web Page Statistics updated

May 1997
Trauma-List Archives updated & integrated

April 1997
New Trauma Moulage

March 1997
Technique of Percutaneous Tracheostomy
Tile Classification of Pelvic Fractures
Pelvic & Acetabular Radiology Images
Revised Trauma Score
Conferences & Courses updated
Web Page Statistics

AND the Trauma Moulage was recommended in the British Medical Journal!

January 1997
1997 Facelift. All links checked & updated

December 1996

TRAUMA LIST ARCHIVES : Selected Discussions from the Trauma Mailing List

November 1996
Case presenations finally started!

August 1996
Classification of Acetabular Fractures

June 1996

Trauma Moulage Scenario

March 1996
Massive Transfusion Protocol and a summary of complications of massive transfusion.
New orthopaedic web links added
New spine web links added

Conferences & Courses section continuously updated.