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Liverpool Hospital is a Designated Major Trauma Service which is located South West of Sydney. We currently serve a population of in excess of 800,000 with more than 300 major Trauma admissions (ISS>16) per annum. It is estimated that by 2016 almost one million people will be residing in South West Sydney. Therefore Liverpool Hospital is currently undergoing major redevelopment to meet the increasing demand; this will include increasing to an 855 bed facility, 23 operating theatres and a 60 bed ICU. The hospital is the major tertiary referral hospital in the South West region providing clinical leadership in critical care and trauma and it is a teaching hospital for the University of New South Wales. The new Ingham Health Research Institute will be housed in Liverpool campus. It will be a medical research institute with affiliations and working relationships with the Universities of New South Wales and Western Sydney and will be partnered with the South West Area Health Service. One of our highlights is the annual SWAN conference, which is a guaranteed success with the participation of many well known national and international speakers. Also the Definitive Surgical Trauma Care (DSTC) course which is organised in Liverpool every year and is highly rated, together with the FAST courses (run twice a year) a great opportunity to improve one’s clinical skills. The position of Trauma Surgery Fellow will challenge your decision-making abilities and the ability to respond and thrive under the pressure of managing severely injured patients. The position will also challenge your ability to lead a multi-disciplinary team effectively and competently. Multi-tasking, prioritising and managing risk are also inherent challenges that will be encountered in this position. The importance of skilled communication cannot be emphasised enough for the candidate who wishes to be successful as the Trauma Surgery Fellow. The ability to communicate effectively, clearly, succinctly and pleasantly is critical to achieving timely, safe and effective patient care. To be able to communicate with these attributes whilst managing stressful situations and clinically challenging patients is paramount to success as the Trauma Surgery Fellow. Constant and effective communication is required with all members of the multi-disciplinary trauma team at all clinical levels including consultant, trainee, nursing, administrative and external organisations including other hospitals, ambulance and retrieval services, University and other Department of Health organisations. The successful candidate will be expected to function at the level of a junior consultant. The decision-making skills expected would be commensurate with that. Whilst the position is an ‘in-training’ position, the candidate will be expected to be a competent decision-maker with respect to the day-to-day management of common trauma and general surgical problems. The Trauma Surgery Fellow is always supported by a Surgical Consultant for challenging and difficult decisions and difficult surgical cases. The Trauma Surgery Fellow is otherwise expected to develop a strategy for effective and timely trauma patient assessment and management with the input of the multi-disciplinary team

Research Activities

Our key point research activities over the last years are: Research performance improvement Death audit analyses Trauma System development Abdominal compartment syndrome & Intra abdominal hypertension Non therapeutic laparotomy Pelvic fracture management Clinical practicev guideline development Multimedia development for Definitive Surgical Trauma Care Course (DSTC)

Fellowship Program

Clinical Responsibilities

The role of the Trauma Surgery Fellow is to achieve appropriate and timely delivery of care within the confines of an individual team framework at Liverpool Hospital. The Trauma Fellow must work with the registrar and the specialist looking after the patient and will have a special role and responsibility within the ICU and with Anaesthetic and subspecialty consultants. The Trauma Surgery Fellow will attend all Trauma Team activations during working hours The Trauma Surgery Fellow should ensure that once the trauma has progressed from resuscitation that there is adequate continuity of care and that the patient is followed from CT scan right through,(e.g. to the operating theatre) Work with the Honorary Trauma Fellow(s), advanced surgical trainees and students All ICU trauma patients should be reviewed by the Trauma Surgery Fellow on a daily basis and the tertiary trauma survey form completed on each new admission The Trauma Surgery Fellow works closely with the Trauma Co-ordinator and the Case Manager to ensure that adequate continuity of care occurs Participates in the Trauma and General Surgery on-call roster

Research Opportunities

Excellent opportunities exist for involvement in clinical research with the help of experienced staff and an extensive up to date trauma database.

Teaching Responsibilities

The Trauma Fellow: Coordinates the weekly trauma audit and participates in ongoing quality assurance and audit activities of the Department Participates in and promotes the advancement of trauma education in Liverpool Hospital and the other hospitals in the Area Health Service Participates in the education of visiting trauma students, doctors and nursing staff Participates in EMST/ATLS/FAST courses
Contributes to the expansion of the LivTrauma webpage


Classed as Clinical superintend for appointees meeting criteria

Applicant Requirements

•   FRACS in General Surgery, or equivalent qualification
•   Ability to achieve targets and goals
•   Demonstrated interest and passion for trauma surgery
•   Current provider certification in EMST or ATLS
•   Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team
•   Previous research in Trauma
•   Experience in educating undergraduate medical and allied health professionals
•   Prefererable EMST or ATLS course instructor


Scott K D'Amours Director Trauma, Liverpool Hospital. (Applications are accepted electronically through out the year. Interviews usually conducted in May – June of each year for the following year. If interested and meet criteria please forward details to Scott D’Amours)

Locked Bag 7103
Liverpool BC, Sydney, NSW 1871

Phone: +61 2 98283927
Fax: +61 2 98283926

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URL: http://www.sswahs.nsw.gov.au/Liverpool/Trauma/

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